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Adding pictures to the Gallery

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  • Adding pictures to the Gallery

    Adding your own pictures to the gallery can be done by following the steps below.

    There is a limit to the size each image can be and how much space (MB) each member is allocated,
    so if you intend on having many pictures make sure each one doesn't take up to much of your allocated space.


    Step 1: Goto the Gallery


    Step 2: Goto your Albums. If you have not done so already you will need to add an Album to your Gallery in order to upload images.
    If you already have an Album then you can skip to Step 5.


    Step 3: Add an Album.

    Part 1: Select a category to add the Album to. The obvious category to add it to would be the "My Gallery" one that is added by default when you join the Site.

    Part 2: Click the "New" Button to create a new Album in the "My Gallery" Category.


    Step 4: Change the new Albums name to something suitable.

    Part 1: Select the "New Album" you have just created.

    Part 2: Change the name to something suitable for the images you are going to upload.

    Part 3: Click "Apply modifications" to change the Album name.


    Step 5: Click on "Upload picture".


    Step 6: Enter the details of the image to upload.

    Part 1: Select the Album you want to upload the pictures to (The one you have just created)

    Part 2: Browse your computer for the picture file.

    Part 3: Add a title to the picture if you wish.

    Part 4: Add a description for the picture if you wish.

    Part 5: Add keywords for the picture if you wish. This will help others who want to find particular images easily with the search function.
    For example you could add the make and model of the car, and where/when it was taken.

    Part 6: Hit the Upload picture button and that's it. Repeat the picture upload process for each image you wish to add.

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    Scaling Image size if to large for Gallery

    If you get an error when attempting to upload an image to the Galley about the size of the file, then you will have to reduce it in order to upload it.

    The most basic way to do this on a windows machine is in the Windows Paint Program. Most people will have a better application to do this but just in case I'll go through the instructions for Paint here.

    Open Paint (Start Menu - All Programs - Accessories - Paint)

    Open the Image file (File - Open - then browse to the Image)

    Open the Image Stretch/Skew (Image - Stretch/Skew)
    Then edit the Stretch Horizontal and Vertical numbers. This is a percentage of width and height of the image so make the same change to both of it will not look right. 50% on both figures will usually do.

    Now Save the file to a different filename so you don't lose the original large image (File - SaveAs - then browse to location and change file name).

    Your new smaller image is now available to upload.

    If this is still to large repeat and make it smaller still. You can check the size of the new file to make sure it is small enough by right clicking the image file and going to "Properties". The file size is shown there and must be smaller than 1024 Kb