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  • Correction and finishing in parts

    Hi all...been away for a long long time but I am back. Due to a busy lifestyle, I no longer have full weekends to do a correction and apply sealant, wax etc.

    I don't want to go the paid pro detailer option
    1. Because although undoubtedly the pros here will do a much much better job, I enjoy it and like the satisfaction of producing some (hopefully) good results
    2. The cost for a pro correction (been quoted circa $1200 for a Black Mazda CX-5 two stage correction to 80%), about $1800 to include a ceramic coating
    3. To the point above I have read that most coatings have a realistic life of ~3 years so to repeat this again every few years would be beyond my budget

    So the other option I see given that I have the equipment already is to do my own correction (hopefully 2 stages is enough on a 1.5 year old black Mazda CX-5, not too bad considering parked outside) and use a synthetic sealant (I have the Duragloss twins) and wax over that - which is what I did with my previous car. I enjoy the therapeutic effect of waxing my car

    But I was slow at the best of times, and now without full weekends, will be even harder. So does anyone have any recommendations on how to approach this? For example should I do two stages but on sections at a time and just wax in between until I can seal the whole car or should I do one stage whole car, wax then another time do stage two and then apply sealant all over? I doubt I could even get through one whole stage in a day (yes when I meant I am slow...I am slooowww and used to encounter issues that I had to trouble shoot etc).

    To that point if anyone has recommendations on what works well on Black Mazda paint to save potential trouble shooting that would aso be welcome. I have in my equipment das6pro, zentool 21mm da, lake country CCS and lake country smart flat pads. Menzerna fg400, pf2500 and whatever the finer finishing one is, HD Uno, Megs UC and 3M ultrafino.

    Going to get a clay cloth to save time since I am going to do a correction anyway.

    Thanks for any help, much appreciated and sorry for the long post.


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