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Care of OEM stickers and wraps

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  • Care of OEM stickers and wraps

    Just picked up a new Ranger FX4 which has a lot of stickers and partial wraps on it. Most are matte black. Having never had this on a vehicle before just looking for some general advice on care. I assume if I'm polishing tape them up but what about UV protection etc? Thinking I'll try 303 on a small section and see. I expect it'll change the sheen just slightly but I think leaving them will see them fade in the long term.

    Any better approach?

    I guess between those and the tub liner I better start buying 303 by the gallon.

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    I used a matt spray sealant when i had a vinyl wrapped car


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      Not familiar with any of those. Any recommendations as to brand?

      Finally took a photo on the weekend. Tailgate has a similar partial wrap as the bonnet and are the main areas of concern but there are other smaller areas as well.


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        I think Nanolex and Dr Beazleys make some good matte products, car care products sells them. I've never used them but i think they are well regarded


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          Care of OEM stickers and wraps

          Autosol have a few products specifically for matte

          We've used a number of them on actual customer cars and they work well particularly the cleaner
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            Usually a light hand polish with a medium grade compound (HD Cut etc) can remove any light waterspotting or oxidation on matte vinyl. With any sort of abrasive you never want to be too aggressive though

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