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Requesting assistance with coating and sealing

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  • Requesting assistance with coating and sealing


    Just an amateur enthusiast trying to keep the car in best condition.

    I have just brought a car and have completed detailing and polishing the car over the weekend top restore the paint. The car will be staying in an open parking space around the station the whole day and is a victim of every possible type of contamination starting from dust, rain, bird crap and what not.

    I have been looking into protecting the car body and came across car coats and sealants. However, due to my limited knowledge I am unsure if there is a difference between car coats and sealants? and what product or brand would be best to coat or seal the car paint?

    Given my understanding and knowledge I am reaching out to you guys to guide me or provide any advice, and would really appreciate your help.

    If you can provide any online l;ink where I can learn more about these, that would be helpful as well.

    Hoping to get some help from you all, as I have been in past whenever I had a query.

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    What car is it?

    Coatings last longer than sealants, different chemical make up.

    Have a look at forensic detailing youtube channel and watch his videos on best sealants or coatings and such, he explains a lot of the differences and such. Very informative channel. Also check out car craft detailing, who is in melbourne i believe so some of the products are more tailored to what is available to us.

    Optimum Gloss-Coat is what you want, hands down. SUPER easy, looks great, super easy, kinda expensive but worth it, oh and it's super easy.


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      It's a Nissan Qashqai TI.

      Will definitely follow their page and look further. Thanks heaps for the advise.

      Was thinking of getting the clear protection film installed as well, but not sure about the shine/gloss of the car.


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        Ooooh protective film gets pretty expensive quickly when you have odd shapes and such on front bumpers, to do a whole car is upwards of $5k+. Lots of people just do front bumper, half the bonnet and front quater panels, that's still like $2kish i think.

        I wouldn't bother to be honest, and i mean no offense, but it's just a nissan lol. The cost of the wrap wont improve or retain your resale in 5 years time so from that perspective it's a lot of money, but it will stop a lot of scratching and some chipping so it's a personal preference thing.

        I would rather deal with the chips at the 100,000km mark with a Dr colourchip kit and just fix it up then, butt load cheaper


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          Seems like it would be cheaper to get a bumper and bonnet respray than it would be to get protective film.


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            I kind of agree with you. I installed the protective film on my BMW front panels and it was quite dear, but worth it on a car like that.

            However, the mrs bought the Nissan and we both drive to station and leave the car there the whole day. The car body paint did not have any scratches and hence decided to keep it as protected as possible.

            However, I will most likely go for the coat for now, thanks to your advice.

            Just need to do some research on how to put the coat myself and ensure I do it correctly.