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  • Basic detail for a new car

    I just bought a low km demo 2016 Subaru outback in deep pearl blue. I have never detailed a car before so I just want a basic routine to keep my new car nice and protected. I would love any opinions or advice on my plan so far:

    - Wash (2bm) and apply duragloss 601 + 105. Repeat every 4-6 months
    - In between wash every 1-2 weeks and apply duragloss Aquawax every 2-3 washes
    - Apply 303 protectant on all interior plastics and leather seats, exterior plastic trims and tyres every 4-6 weeks
    - Apply rain x to glass as needed
    - Apply some sort of carpet and upholstery protectant (recommendations? I have a 2 year old so this is probably the most important step)

    Aside from that the only other thing I think I will need is a wheel cleaner product and brush.

    How does it sound?

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    Take a closer look at the paint, even brand new cars need correction before applying sealers or coatings. Mine was swirled well beyond my standards so I did a full correction before sealing.

    You seem to have a solid regime already.

    I don't know those products well, but I'd go a full correction, glass coating, dedicated leather treatment, plastics protectant maybe fabric depending (I don't normally bother protecting the carpet, rather clean with an extractor when needed.).

    For maintenance, snow foam and lance, shampoo 2bm & mf mitt, quick detailer every wash as a drying aid, you can wax the wheels and use a dedicated wheel cleaner. Wheel whoolies make this easy. Good glass cleaner, glass towel and ww drying towel. I'm not a rain x person, but there are other great products out there for that purpose.

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      I've looked very closely and there are some fine scratches/swirls in the paint. Can I just use a one-step hand applied scratch removing product like scratch-X or mothers scratch remover and then follow on with the above regime?

      From what I've read, the outbacks don't have a great deal of real leather in the 'leather' seats, so I wasn't going to worry about a dedicated leather treatment and just use the 303 which will protect the vinyl component of the seats as well. I live in North Queensland so UV protection is a plus.


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        Hard to say, it depends on how bad your OCD gets (lol mine is bad). I would correct it fully, hand application will never get the results of a da machine, would take too long.

        Subaru paint is usually very soft, so I'd start with Clay bar and a medium compound and moderate foam pads. In the otc megs line, I'd go to ultimate compound or polish.

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          Ditch the rain-x, get angel wax h2go instead.

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