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New car maintenace adive please.

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  • New car maintenace adive please.

    So in mid March we picked up a new Hyundai i-30 Active X hatchback in white.
    I am retired and it will probably be our last car. I have been reading and learning all I can to look after it and keep it in good condition.

    It has never been washed with a hose and a few days ago I did a one bucket rinse-less wash with ONR WW. Then I used Meguires X-Press spray wax.
    Prior to that when I got it home from the dealer I wiped it down with a wet chamois and waxed it with Mothers Canuba wax.
    As it got dusty I used Meguires ultimate Quick Detailer.I bought and did all interior leather seats etc with a Mothers brand leather treatment .

    I did the dash and plastic surfaces inside with a Meguires protector. Also did the headlights with a plastic protector.

    Please understand to me the car looks wonderful. However a few days ago I got the bright idea to treat our white refrigerator with ONR WW and then Megs X-press spray wax. I had vaguely heard of a clay bar, but of course never owned or used one. So I watched videos and rubbed my hands over the newly treated Fridge and its as smooth as glass.

    Went out to the garage and the cars paint is sadly not.
    Its a 2016 model so obviously I have no idea how much pollution it has been through prior to me getting it in March, but I can feel the roughness compared to the Fridge. ( The fridge tends to not get outside much lol )

    So today I bought a 2 pack of Bowdens Own Fine Clay Bar. I will use Optimum NRWW at Quick Detailer dilution rate as a lubricant.

    So here is my question

    So I clay the car, and then wax it again with the Mothers Carnauba wax.
    Then just keep it clean by Optimum NRWW method using distilled water and several MF cloths ( I have bought about 50 of them ) and keep using the Megs X-Press spray wax weekly. We are on level 3 water restrictions here so not allowed to use a hose on a car anyway.

    I know there are other steps that I am missing, but will this be enough to keep our car looking great please ?
    Thanks for reading my long post!

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    Hey. Iv e not done any waterless washing, so can't comment on that front.
    If you really want to feel how rough your car paint is, get a glad bag (snap lock sandwich bag), put your hand in it & then run it over your paint when clean. It's disturbing how much fallout a car will collect. Even a coated and regularly washed one..
    I like using a good quick detailer as I'm drying the car to keep it feeling slick (masking the feeling of fallout on the paint).
    Good luck with maintaining your new ride.


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      Hey, same deal for me except I TBW. Once I got the i30 home I went for
      - snow foam
      - power rinse
      - de-tar
      - de-iron
      - TBW
      - clay
      - TBW
      - Gyeon wetcoat
      Then I did the wheels individually off the car, sealing with Gyeon rim
      - I between things I coated the leather after cleaning and used 303 on interior plastics
      - engine bay clean, wetcoat on paint and 303 on the rest.
      - oh and I clayed the glass and sealed with Gyeon glass

      It's been 6 months and beading is still great and it's so easy to clean. Also it's average is 4.6l/100km


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        How are you lifting your i-30 using a trolley jack to not damage the sills at the 4 jacking points please?


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          Dags, I just used the supplied jack.
          Did the spare first (decontamination and seal), then followed the tyre rotation process to do each successive wheel.


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            I have two of these on the way from china.