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  • Removing lint

    Hi Everyone

    All my plush towles are leaving shed loads of lint. I always use a cold wash and have washed them several time. Still leaving lint.

    Any suggestions how I can stop this or should I just give up on them and move onto new ones. They are only a year or so old and mainly used for drying.


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    There is a particular "stone" you can use to lift the lint off. I can't remember exactly what it is called. Maybe someone else can chime in?


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      Yes I get the same here with the Optimum Plush towels after washing them.
      I do warm washes with a specific microfiber towel wash and they still lint like crazy all over the car when drying and using them for a second time.

      If it is the pet stone I am thinking about I don't think they would really work on these small towels...


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        I've found washing in a delicates bag seems to help. I do a warm wash with wool wash/vinegar and then another warm wash with just vinegar.


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          That's how i wash my cloths currently. The problem isn't how to stop them linting. My problem is how to sort them out once they are linting.

          Thanks forth suggestion though.

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