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Antlia pressure washer lance type

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  • Antlia pressure washer lance type

    Anyone knows which type of fitting does this pressure washer have? Can't find info specific to the Antlia brand and thought some of you might have bought this Repco brand before for home and detailing uses.

    It's on sale at repco at the moment, and doesn't come with a karcher adapter so I would hate to buy it and can't get any aftermarket accessories to fit it ie foam lance, extension HP hose etc.

    Had a look at it at Repco today, the fitting looks similar to Bosch type.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Does it say m25 anywhere on its documents?

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      Thanks for your prompt reply trewarin, no m25 not mentioned on the specs.


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        Sent in a private message but for others looking at getting one its the Bosch fitting non AQT


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          would love to know also, was gifted an antlia but couldn't find any information on whether it could fit a foam lance.
          sadly had to buy a cheapo gerni to get on that thick foam action