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    Any one tried the Kmart Drying towels and buffing towels ? I have chem guys drying towels and buffing towels but at this price, are they worth having - if so would you trust them for the marketed uses or just use them as general cloths?

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    It's hard to say without inspecting them. It's the harshness of the stitching on the edges that can cause really fine scratches in the paint when buffing it down, but those satin edges might be ok.

    I just look at it this way: I just spent a heap of hours polishing up my paint to perfection. If I put marks in it due to saving a few bucks on a microfibre, I've just undone some of my hard work. Would I pay a couple bucks to not redo my work? Time is valuable for me, so I use Kmart type microfibres for general use and buy quality towels for my paint.

    But they may be perfectly ok. I'd have to look at one in person.

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      The Costco microfiber cloths go on sale tomorrow until 3 sep, pack of 36 for $19 looks like good value for general use.


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        Originally posted by UserNameRejected View Post
        The Costco microfiber cloths go on sale tomorrow until 3 sep, pack of 36 for $19 looks like good value for general use.
        Good price. I use them on interior and then relegate them to wheels.


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          I use the soft detailing towel with no problems.


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            Can always cut the edging off and use as edgeless towels

            The nap and material of these does seem surprisingly good to touch


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              +1 for Costco MF towels.

              They come in bulk, are a decent size, and last for a surprisingly long time.

              I also have some Kmart MF towels which I bought a while back, they're quite small in size and the material is ok but I have since rotated them to wheel cleaning.

              You will probably get more value with the costco ones.

              Just remember to rip the tags off when your using a new towel, they come off pretty easily, never use scissors to cut the tags off coz they will leave a sharp edge.


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                I think you’re thinking of the bulk pack microfibres from K-Mart not the much bigger and thicker single cloths they sell.