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  • Shop and Wash - experience

    Hi all,
    Now I know that most of you would probably be in shock horror of this post (if so - admin take down). Wife decided to book both our cars (Subaru Forrester and Kia Grand Carnival) today for a "detail"

    I was initially skeptical at these so called car park style detailers.

    My car first: has some fine scratches over the years, nothing which a gentle DA would not fix (but not in my hands though). Was slightly dirty inside and out. They had it for about 90 minutes until I went to pick it up and was pleasantly surprised at the finish. No water spots, paintwork very slick and the inside was thoroughly detailed - to the point that all the evidence of the wife's spilt coffee was all gone. Windows also crystal clear with no streaks. You have to look hard to see those faint scratches against the strong sunlight.

    We then swapped cars and left the Kia there. It came back almost as new. Just as good. The only thing of note (laugh actually) was when I jumped into the drivers seat I slid across to the passengers seat. The leather seats were also cleaned and protected with something that made it quite slick. Looking at it with some fine detail, I could not see any water spots, so they did a good job there as well.

    They had two young chaps working on one car at a time and watching them was amazing - it was not a race at all with all their detailing, they actually took their time with every part.

    I know these places don't use the same techniques that "professional detailers" use with they DA's and a concoction of products, but I must say (hand on heart) that this place will get both our cars in the future.

    I have taken some photos but they are crap and don't do it justice.

    Place: Shop and Wash (Melville, Western Australia).

    (I don't have any ties with this place either.)


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    Thanks for taking the time to write review on these workshops. I think they have a place in the mafor 95% of the market. Some do. Bad job some do a good job. Depends on how many cars they have to turnover per day and the personís care factor on your car that day.

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