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Paint colour vs Level of work required

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  • Paint colour vs Level of work required

    Faced with the need to buy another car I have been thinking a little more about the longer term maintenance now that i have been hanging around you lot and reading this forum One of the things I had been thinking of was how the colour of a car has an impact on the amount of work required to keep it in top form. Honestly in the past I never really considered a colour past whether it looked good or not but now I look at some and think, yeah pass too much work.

    How would you list colours in order of the hardest to maintain to the easiest or least amount of work? (Blacks, Reds, Blues, Greens, Silvers, Yellows, Whites, etc)


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    I think its more of a combination of the colour and the stlye of clear coat. So a black car with a soft clear coat for me is a paint in the ass as it will get swirls and rids quite easily versus black with really hard paint which will swirl a lot less but chip more. A black car with swirls looks SO horrible but a black car with chips looks much less worse.


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      Any solid colour will give you grief. Metallic will hide a little marring. Solid will look much better though when highly polished in a lot of cases.
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        So I should be aiming for a non black metallic with a hard clear coat as an easy to work with option?

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