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ONR as a pre-polish wash ?

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  • ONR as a pre-polish wash ?

    Happy New Year y'all

    Planning to polish my Abarth 124 tomorrow (wish me luck - Mazda paint). Today did a deep wash with Ct18 & APC followed with claying. The clay was surprisingly 'clean', then again the car has only 1000 kms old and always garaged, paint feels very smooth.

    After the claying only had time to rinse off with my PW. There is still some clay residue. So will wash the car before polishing. My normal wash method is ONR. Or should I use something more like conventional carwash soap ??

    Another Q - is it advisable to tape up and covér the rag top during polishing ??? I am using S20 Black. Just a bit concerned about keeping the dust off the convertible top


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    I use ONR to remove clay residue before polishing and have never had any problems.

    Always a good idea to tape up anything you don't want to get polish on. Saying that I have never had S20 Black dust up at all so I wouldn't be worried about that.

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      Thanks Horace for the reassurance


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        Why not use ONR as the clay lube so then no need to subsequently wash the car?