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RYOBI & eBay Pressure washer and adapter for Foam Lance

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  • RYOBI & eBay Pressure washer and adapter for Foam Lance

    Hi Guys,

    Looking at a cheap pressure washer for car/home use, and was eyeing off this one from Bunnings,

    Though down the track, Im keen to get one of these foam lances,

    However, I don't see the adapter listed there for 'RYOBI'. Does anyone use a RYOBI washer, or know what type of adapter they use to connect the foam lances to the washer handle?

    Also, while looking at pressure washers, I jumped onto ebay to see what they had. Came across these 2x,



    Don't know much about them, similar price to the RYOBI, but seem to come with more accessories and higher pressure, though not sure if that amount is more than I'd need... or what adapter I'd need for these units.

    Anyone experience with anything here ?

    Thanks in advance

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    Hey Widget,

    My advice would be to buy something like a Karcher K2 for $99 from Bunnings and then buy a $25 foam lance from ebay (with a karcher attachment built on).

    I have been using an ebay foam lance on a karcher for over a year now and love it. And without wanting to take business away from local sellers, I think $25 on ebay sounds a lot better than $100 locally.

    If youíre going to be buying a power washer for just car cleaning then the pressure from the base model would suffice. If you are also wanting to clean driveways, walls, paths, roofs, etc , then consider spending more money. You will get better results and better reliability with higher cost unit (with metal vs. plastic pump) for these tasks.

    The only reason I suggest sticking with a karcher brand is because parts/attachments are easy to buy.

    I would buy locally and not online for the power washer because cheap ones are not as reliable as the expensive ones and you want to be able to return/refund it easily (2 year warrantee from bunnings).

    Also one the biggest factors which I feel is often forgotten with detailing is ease of use. A small unit is really easy to get out and move around (even carry in one of your hands) and get the job done quickly. If your machine is big/bulky/heavy it really sucks getting it out, moving it around, and packing it away.

    Anyways thatís my opinion


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      Hey JC1, thanks for the feedback

      I'm certainly eyeing off one of those foam guns from ebay, seem to get decent feedback. Originally I was going to get a Karcher adapter (we have a karcher here, but I think the pump died), but held off.

      When looking around, I kept reading about how peoples Karchers kept dying, so decided to look at the RYOBI one. Unfortunately I don't have the funds to buy the more expensive ones with metal pumps, unless something comes on sale with a nice juicy discount .

      The use would be for car, but also general cleaning of the house exterior (cobs webs / dirt) and paths. Can't remember what PSI the one we have here is, so the PSI of the RYOBI compared to the Karcher K2 was also a tipping point.

      Question: What would be the minimum, & Maximum PSI one would use on a car?

      I'll certainly still keep the K2 on the list, though with my budget, I don't think there's going to be many to choose from, especially if I buy from a store rather than online/ebay.

      [EDIT] Bunnings seem to have the Gerni for $129. specs say it has a metal pump too... though only 1590PSI..
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        After recent failures I think my next one to try will be a Ryobi as long as I can find an adapter for all my Gerni gear. I bought a 145.2 about 5 years ago for about $500 so to date $100 a year which I think is reasonable. It has a couple of problems, and on enquiring at the local gerni repair agent the cost was $175 just to accept to look, and $100 per hour plus parts after that, i.e. go buy a new one mate. It has a leak from the hose reel bearing which after the quote I dismantled and may have fixed myself, but also has a high pressure hose leak (metal braided hose, how does that happen?) which I have patched and am waiting for the special "tape" to cure to see if I fixed it.

        So either buy a cheap one with a two year warranty, or a more expensive one with 5 year warranty and go with the annual cost you are happy with for the warranty period. The 145.2 is my fourth machine, they all fail eventually!
        When is the next track day?