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    Hey guys,

    Just finished the last of my clay bar (concours from waxit) and was looking into saving time on claying.
    It's been a few years since the mitts/towels/blocks have come out coupled with the expired patent on traditional bars, are they any good? Has technology improved?

    It seems debatable as some people claim they will never go back to the bars after using nanoskin blocks/towels, whilst others lament how they have noticed marring + having to re-clay with a traditional bar.

    I've noticed there were a few Australian options but not many reviews/anecdotal evidence:
    -Waxit offers their own mitt and cloth (not sure re: dimensions), and the carpro decon towel (30x30cm) and block.
    -Zas prep towel
    -Apparently SCA stock the Bowden's Own clay cloth (small)

    For efficiency, I was thinking of using a towel or mitt on the larger panels, and a bar for the harder to reach places i.e. door handles. Haven't had any problems with carpro range of products so was thinking of going with their towel but open to any suggestions.

    What do you guys think? Will be working on soft paint (accord, 86).

    Help much appreciated.

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    Hey mate, I got the carpro one at the moment and can't fault it. Had HD one from detail central as well before the carpro one and couldn't tell the different between the two. Hope this help.


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      Pretty much what most people do now, towel for big bits and bar for small awkward bits. Towels save SO much time. Sorta self lubricating too cause the towel holds in lubricant so they are really nice


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        I've used a Carpro prep towel on 2 different cars. It worked extremely well and was very quick but it did introduce some light marring. The 2 vehicles in question were both heavily contaminated and already had some swirls and other marks so were going to have a full correction anyway. Note that Carpro themselves advise that it might cause micro marring so this wasn't unexpected. I wouldn't use one for light or small work but for doing a whole vehicle prior to correction, absolutely would use it again.

        I can't recall who here recommended it but cut the towel into quarters. Easier to work with and you don't use more than you need.