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Using Bowdens Own protective products with Carpro Reload?

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  • Using Bowdens Own protective products with Carpro Reload?

    While I got an informative answer from Dan Bowden I was not able to get any user experiences with regard to this question on the Bowden's Own Detailer Facebook group. My question was censored because it dealt with a non Bowdens product, albeit a product line that Bowdens don't manufacture. So here it is...

    I've got a question I'm trying to think through. My car is ceramic coated. I got some Carpro Reload for Christmas and I put it on a few weeks ago. Does it make sense to put any of the Bowdens synthetic protective products over the top ie Boss Gloss, Fully Slick or After Glow? Or is there any point (or even issues) in putting Reload over the top of any of these coatings? I expect the answer to the latter is no (ie there is no point and the Reload would possibly not "take" to the Bowdens coating) but I would just like to check any detail or user's experience that might be available. Thanks for any advice.


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    If it was me I would just stay with the Reload. That way you are using a ceramic topper over a ceramic coating so they should blend. The Bowden's stuff is good, but reload should be all you need every few months (or every month like me, love the kick it gives to the water repellence). Also not sure on the chemical composition of those products mentioned but a lot of the well respected pros say don't mix the chemical constructions or it may actually take away from the ceramic glassy look (assuming that is what you want).
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      As Neil has pointed out, stick with your Reload - there really isn't any need to add Bowdens into the mix
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