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    Hi all, just purcahsed a new (used car). It will be aprked outside and i am wanting to try and protect the apint from the elments as much as possible.

    The paint atm is in pretty good condition, one tiny scratch on the bonnet and a little spotting 50c size on the bonnet as well. aprt fromt hat its pretty good, 13 year old Audi A6. Ill upload some pictures when i get home (What format? or use a host?).

    I was thinking about doing it myself, i dont have any gear left, havent had a decent car to look after for a few years.

    Should i go out and spend a couple of hundred buying clay bar, polishes/waxes, scratch X etc etc again or am i better getting a professional detail done 1 or twice per year and me just washing in between?

    PS: Would a good wax opritect the car outside or is some kind of coating treatment a better option?


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        Audi paint is usually hard, so consequently hard to correct if it has issues. If the paint is swirled and you don't already have the equipment then get a pro to correct it. If it is in good condition then do a strong wash (lots of shampoo in the mix), a hand polish to clean it up, then use something like Moonlight, Reload or Overcoat as a long lasting sealant.
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          Hi get a pro to coat it, then get a ph neutral wash and a good mitt with 2 buckets to maintain. Build your gear slowly and then when coating fades, by then you would have a good idea how much time you can spend on cars to decide to get Pro to top up the coat or do it yourself.

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