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  • Beginners kit advice

    Hey guys,

    ive been interested in detailing for a while, but always had pros carry out corrections for me.

    Now I would like to get into.

    Just my cars, family and friends.

    I have the power washer and random maintenance product (meguairs, bowdens).

    so my question is.... to setup a small kit to get me going i have around $750 (up to 1k if its required)

    ...... whats your advice of foam lance, machine, pads and product.

    Any really good YouTube channels to learn the ropes?

    thanks guys

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    Im currently thinking :

    bowdens foamlance? Waxit? Concours? Ebay?

    a shinemate 605 kit, with the scholl s20, s30, s30 500mls plus the SM pads.

    and some MF's. Advice on variants/numbers required?

    Id be keen to here any 'must haves'

    thanks guys!
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      Chemtech c18
      Das6 pro v2 with 3” and 5” Backing plate
      2xShinemate pad set
      Turtle wax power wash
      Clay towel
      Meg ultimate compound/polish
      Soft99 fussocoat
      Carpro hydro
      Meg’s degreaser
      Meg’s apc
      Meg’s wheel brightener
      Assorted brush
      Super cheap bulk microfibres.

      Don’t buy bulk.

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