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    Ladies and Gents,

    Was after some expert advice on this choice of Air Compressor...
    I like the Rolair JC10 as it quite compact and also super quiet at around 55-60 decibels. It has a small 10L tank and claims to flow 107L per min at 40psi.
    All I want to use it for is cleaning buffing pads and maybe short burst around mirrors and crevices after a wash.

    As I have zero experience with air compressors.. What are your thoughts on the specs of this one? Is it sufficient to do what I want?

    Many thanks.

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    As long as it is quiet it may suit your needs. But at 107 L a minute with only a 10 L tank it is going to turn on as soon as you pull the trigger. I have a 25 L one and with the air blaster attached it comes on in a few seconds. I would potentially be worried about satisfactory air flow vs run time.

    Have you seen one running?
    When is the next track day?


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      I have not seen one in person yet.. The small size of the unit and overall noise levels definitely appeal to my needs. Perhaps I should look at the 20L capacity version which is also quiet and only slightly larger overall?


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        Peerless P17. Borderline commercial for home use. Need a 15amp.

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