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Alfa Red - What would you do??

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  • Alfa Red - What would you do??

    Hi All,

    I'm taking delivery of a near new Alfa Giulia in about a week. Paint is Alfa (solid) red. Am keen to hear your opinion on my possible options for its protection. The car will be garaged most of the time but will spend a day or two a week outside in Sydney.

    I discovered detailing about 8 years ago and played around happily with various waxes on a black commodore before I even knew what a sealant or coating was. Following that I migrated to Optimum Gloss Coat, occasionally topped with Optiseal on a solid white Calais. Chalk and cheese in terms of approach and result. Id be happy to go Gloss coat + wax if there weren't better options but thought I'd check with the gurus here before making that decision

    I guess what I'm after is the physical protection and longevity of a coating (seeking a (min 6-9 months) with the look of a wax. I enjoy the process so It'd be ideal if the final product could be topped with a wax or some kind of sacrificial layer so I can still get hands on occasionally.

    Am thinking
    Opticoat Pro + : Priciest option, awesome protection, great looks. Maybe top with Hyper seal?
    ISM : Cheaper than above, probably every bit as attractive to look at if not better. Can be a little tricky to remove (maybe the internet overstates this?). Don't know much about its physical protection capabilities coz everyone writes about how good it looks!

    Or maybe some kind of hybrid like
    Polish angel Carnaubaflockencreme or Master sealant. Really don't know much about them
    Infinity wax?
    Dodo Juice Supernatural?

    Am not looking for coating recommendations outside of ISM or OC but am a real fish outta water with the hybrid stuff. Would be very interested in people's experience or recommendations with them


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    About to try Nanolex Si3D after reading a few reviews and a longevity test. An option for sure.


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      Thanks for the reply .
      Have tried their urban glass treatment and trim protectand and wasnt really that impressed with either


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        Congrats on the Giulia ....a wee bit jelly. I am searching something similar for my new Abarth. Found these informative

        Hope these help


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          Thanks for the links, I'll check 'em out. The first looks particularly interesting.

          FWIW I've pulled the trigger on the Kamikaze twins (I've got no idea how i convinced myself to make the outlay - I wasn't even drinking!!). I imagine they'll be spectacular by themselves so I likely won't bother with anything over the top in the near future. I suspect my youtube history will be full of application tip videos for ISM very soon.

          Took delivery of the car today, Giulia is every bit as attractive as i remember. Absolutely filthy though so a good soak followed by gentle wash was in order before initial inspections. Looks as though its fairly free of dealer installed swirls but covered in water spots. Hopefully they're easily removed


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            well miyabi might just be one of the easiest products to work with I've ever had the pleasure of using. Tip for young players; dont forget to wipe off all panels once applied or you will be breaking out the polisher to do it later. I've heard. Apparently. Or something


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              And ISM is nowhere near as difficult as i had been concerned about, easier to remove than many waxes I've used previously. Cant wait to get the finished product out in full sun. Pics to follow


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                Any pics yet


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                  Good choice on Kamikaze, just make sure you use overcoat after base coat and top coats. The water spotting reduction offered by overcoat are the best out of all topers. It seems to create lots of tiny water drops that dry much quicker without leaving visible water spotting.


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                    Here a few quick ones i snapped with the phone after her first wash. They reflect the quality of my phone photography skills more than the look of the car itself. The thing absolutely glows

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