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Bowdens Lazy Wax or PA Rapidwaxx/ Optimum spray wax?

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  • Bowdens Lazy Wax or PA Rapidwaxx/ Optimum spray wax?

    Hey guys,

    New member here. Recently got a new car and have been taking care of it. Last two cars before that were 4x4 utes which saw mud every weekend so I never bothered too much.

    I want to keep this one looking good. I've applied PA master sealant, and am very impressed by it. I've been using P21s concours look which I love, but only when I want some extra shine. I've found it doesn't last long. Other than that, I've been using bowden's lazy wax which I have been happy with, maybe every 2nd wash. Also tried there After glow drying aid product and was very impressed, however I prefer the glow of carnauba. Thats the reason I apply it over the sealant anyway.

    My bottle of lazy wax is just about empty, and I've been considering changing to the PA rapidwaxx or Optimum spray wax after all the hype I've heard about this product.

    What I'm curious about is whether anyone has used bowdens lazy wax and either of the other two, and if you can see a big difference between the products?

    It's easy for me to just stick with the lazy wax because I can just grab it from autobahn, however if you guys thing the others are much better I'll go that way. Thanks!

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    I am an user of the Opt Spray Wax - can't fault it. Though I tend to reserve it for car show days mostly. I use the OPT quick detailer as my maintenance product


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      Highly recommend Duragloss AquaWax, incredibly glossy, easy to use and versatile product. Goes well over any sealant/wax as a topper every week or so or can be used as the extra bling on a 'freshen up' detail.

      I think you can get it from Waxit.


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        Bowdens Fully Slick is pretty good. A synthetic version of what you are using. Since you maintain your vehicle its well worth a go.



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          Move towards synthetic sprays, i find that traditional wax sprays attracts more dirt and grime over time. There is a specific term for it.. Brain freeze atm.
          Cant go wring with Bowden's, get it on special at super cheap as otherwise its a bit exe.


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