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Anti-Slip pads as clay towels alternative?

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  • Anti-Slip pads as clay towels alternative?

    Hi! I was wondering if there is a big differnce between all the clay towls, sponges, mitts and anti-slip pads/mats? For sure some Products are designed for paint cleaning but many of the cheaper clay products sold seem to be simple anti-slip pads glued on some microfiber towel or sponge. Both are made of some rubber-polymere (at least that is what the product sheets say), so could i be right and save a lot money buying anti-slip pads (best would be a roll so you can cut off pieces to Work with) instead of car clay cloth products? Products designed from pros for car detailing are worth the price, most have a different sureface compared to the other "noname" or chinese copied clay towels. This ones have no special/different sureface and are looking like anti-slip pads you get for i.e. dashboard/phones, carpets, ...

    I will upload some pics vor links where you can exactly see how some of this clay-towels/sponges (sold for car detailing) compared to standard anti slip pads.

    I live in Austria and thats why i would like to use standard anti-slip pads instead of clay-towels. Here in europe prices are crazy high for such cheap chinese clay towels or mitts. The real good ones are also not cheap but there i know what i am paying for.

    I wont use them on new paints or good condition paints, only for old paint that needs a intensive cleaning before polishing.

    What do you think? Will anti-slip pads (with a sureface like clay-towels) do the job? If not why? Whatsnl the differnce between those rubber-polymere products?

    I will upload the pics today. Sorry for my Bad english, hope you can understand.

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    I like your thinking mate but I have a feeling itís a little like the old bluetac/clay bar idea. Itís the subtleties in chemical components, texture, layering etc that enables a product to perform a specific task.

    Do us all a favour and do a little testing, you could be on to something.


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      Sorry Hella, i have not used these or the mitts. Im an old school with claybar, however over the years i have learned to respect it and adjust it to paint im working on. I only use tiny bits and don't re-use it. So about a 1/4 per car per year. Initially i was going gently but fast (just like most youtubers out there) but i was finding that i was micro marrying soft Japanese paint systems. So slow/calculated and gentle is my tired and tested routine. Good utube vid is from John over in Uk. Forensic Detailing Channel is his gig.


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