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Which paint protection do i choose?

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  • Which paint protection do i choose?

    I have 3 separate quotes for 3 products which all check out in my research so far.

    Trouble is now i am thoroughly confused which one to go with. All three detailers seem to know what they are doing..

    options are ( inclusive of interior protection)

    1) GTechniq - $1400 for the Ultra with interior protection (no wheels...thats an extra $100)

    2) OptiCoat Pro Plus - $1330 including wheels

    3) Ceramic Pro Pro 9 H (double coat) - $1200 including wheels

    i am hoping to get this done next weekend. Any advice on which one i should choose considering all 3 detailers see know what they are doing...

    happy to provide more info if needed

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    I've had both Ceramic Pro 9H and Opticoat Pro Plus applied to my car. I definitely preferred Opticoat in terms of gloss and protection however it could have just been placebo. I've never used/seen GTechniq in the flesh so can't comment. Hopefully someone else who has used all three products can give you a better idea.


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      Thanks mate, interesting that you found opticoat glossier.

      I have a white care so glossier the better. So bloody confused right now haha


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        Shaq bro, you’re in the pro range, they’re all much of a muchness only differing in gloss and the brands ‘claims’.

        Warranty can get fucked, two years and you’re fine. No one needs a bullshit 8 year warranty on a coating. The clearcoat on your car is much harder and fit for purpose and it doesn’t come with a warranty.

        Instead of looking at the product, look at the detailer and assess their skills. Look at their previous jobs, go down and do a run through of their shop and how they work. How long have they been in the game and had their own shop?

        Or go the other way and choose on price alone.


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          Thanks mate, surprisingly the best reviewed detailer is also the cheapest (relatively)

          i think ceramic pro it is!


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            is there any review on TACsystem ?


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              Originally posted by donaldt
              is there any review on TACsystem ?
              Not many on their ceramic although their light ceramic Moonlight gets top props by a few trusted reviewers.


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                i went with opti-coat in feb 2016 on a new car, car is garaged. i washed it over the weekend and the beading is still as awesome as the first wash after i picked it up from the detailer.

                nb: i used carpro reload every 'detailing anniversary' - which reminds me, i need to apply it again next month!


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                  What detailer did you go for in the end, Shaqattack? Were you satisfied with the service?