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Shinemate vs Zentools 15mm DA Polisher

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  • Shinemate vs Zentools 15mm DA Polisher

    Hi All,

    Ive done quite a bit of reading on here about both these tools and seen a few more reviews about the Shinemate over the Zentools polisher.

    Although, I couldn't find any reviews from someone who has used both.

    So is there any members which have used both and would be able to weigh in for me? In terms of cost they seem fairly similar.


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    Here's a post i remember reading when i wanted to find out replacements for my DAS6. I've yet to buy one, but defs got my sights set on a zentool just from that.

    Originally posted by MitchH View Post
    I have a shinemate 610-5/15 (5" backing plate with 15mm throw) and my mate just bought the Zentool 5" plate 15mm throw and the zentool is hands down a better machine. It's quiter and smoother, the switch is nicer, less vibration and you can change the backing plate between 5" and 6"

    To me there's no comparison.

    Want to buy my shinemate? lol