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    Hi all, I am new to this detailing site and I have zero experience using a DA polisher.

    i have a dark metallic grey Mazda 3. Has water marks all over it. I purchased a Das 6 pro about two years ago and just started using it today. I have some zen tool cross cut machine pads, and a bottle of Shholl s20 Black. I washed and clay baríd the bonnet. Taped of a section and dabbed the polish on the pad.

    i then started the polisher on 1 and a half. Spread the compound then up the revs to 3 and a half. Did some passes , about 4 up and down and across.

    wiped it off and the water marks are still there!!! It looks shiny, but the water marks have not budged!!

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you. Also, what the best way to clean the pads?

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    Good attempt but youíve gone to all that trouble for nothing.

    Water spots are mineral deposits and can be an absolute ass to fix. In the simplest terms, itís the minerals in hard water which remain on the paint after the water has evaporated. The shit can get baked well good.

    You should always try the most gentle solution first, go for a dedicated water spot remover, fairly sure Adams sell one you can order online.

    The shit thing is because you chose the most aggressive method first which introduced heat and nicely sealed the originally rough edges of the minerals, you mightíve made it harder for yourself to remove.


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      Chemical removers will not work in this case unfortunately. Sounds like the etching is quite deep. You will need a stronger combination with your polisher as the S20 is not heavy enough.
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        I have the same problem with watermarks, probably from when I left the car outside when the bore water sprinklers came on. Going to try the S20 to see if it works, otherwise will shift to the S3 gold