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  • Is DIGGERS WAX & GREASE REMOVER clear coat safe

    Hi Guys,

    I am looking for a paint cleaner before I wax my car to really get rid of old wax. I have tried spraying some all purpose cleaner and it has little affect. I understand that there are paint prep like carpro eraser etc, but I am looking for a cheaper alternative. Goal is to completely strip all old wax. I am a newbie in detailing and wash my car every week and do not want to clay it often as I do not have a DA polisher and cannot polish my car now, so skipping this step for now. So it will be just washing, possibly with a non ph neutral soap(any suggestion here please) and then something to completely strip any old wax.

    So SCA has wax and grease remover and also do bunnings that is where I found diggers. Is diggers clear coat safe?


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    Yes it is however i would not get too heavy with it. Get a short nap microfiber sponge ie car washing pad say from big w. Dab it in and gently spread it. You can also use microfiber cloth (don't use old rugs as you will scratch the paint). Wash off the residue after 60sec.

    Have you tried using ct18 or bowdens agent orange (diluted). Always start with least aggressive product.

    Also check car craft auto detailing youtube clip. He has a whole clip dedicated to how to remove wax/sealant etc starting with least aggressive and moving up.

    Cp Erazer is much mucj milder then wax and grease remover.


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      Diggers wax and grease will aid in wax removal but as mentioned, be gentle when using it. Let the chemicals do the work, not your hand.

      That said rub with short nap microfiber towels with light pressure until it flashes. Use a clean rag to wipe off and an alcohol based panel wipe right after to finish off. Donít let the WG remover to sit on the panel.

      Work a panel at a time and imagine if it were smeared with cooking oil. Thatís the level of wiping over and over youíll need. One wipe isnít enough, will will need a few then a finishing wipe with a clean towel.

      Use multiple towels for the vehicle as the wax and residue will be on your towel and will simply transfer back to your paint by wiping again with the same side. Again, imagine itís covered in cooking oil.

      Iíd begin with a heavy wash of the vehicle with detergents however be weary of dish soap as some leave residues. A d-limonene based citrus pre-wash will be a good start.

      Another note on alcohol based residue cleaners like carpro eraser is that it wonít remove all grease and wax effortlessly. A good panel wipe like Spies Hecker Permaloid will do the job right with a subsequent cleanup using Eraser or Gyeon Prep.