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Kamakaze coat maintance with bowdens

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  • Kamakaze coat maintance with bowdens

    Hey guys im new to the forum and ive gone through heaps of topics and not a direct answer for what i need well my detailer applied kamakaze coat not sure what one but i pretty much go by his steps which is snow foam rinse 2 bucket was with auto gel rinse and he gave me a post wash wax angel and then wipe car with it and i got a qed spray for a quik detal spray and im pretty much moving to bowden products as he lives heaps far away and the angel bramd he uses is like 50 a bottle so im going to bowdens there links and fb page are so confusing a detailer from the page says foam soap rinse nanos wash rinse and then after glow as a dryin aid and then fully slick and finsih with a lazy wax but the bowdens link says after glow lazy wax and fully slick to seal the wax so im lost do i even need all this forma kamakaze coat and if so can u tell me the steps to take and will bowdens be ok for my coat or should i just stsy with angel

    and then u got ppl on fb that go lazy wax first then the sealents after glow and fully slick
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    Man you write long sentences wow.

    You have the best protection and amazing self cleaning ability of Kamikaze, why bother covering it with another set of products that will give you a different look and feel. No point having kamikaze in the 1st place. Remember you are trying to protect the paint and not coating. Coating is a means of protecting the paint.

    Wash the car every 2 wks with bowden si02 infused car wash and top it up with kamikaze overcoat once every 6m. If you want a more frequent top up get a bottle of reload dilute it 50% with water and use it after each wash on top of wet car as a drying aid. Or even better mix car pro echo rinsless solution 100 ml of echo, 100 ml of reload and 800ml of water for even better results on wet car.

    If you need to stick to bowden use boss gloss as a drying aid after each wash. The combos of fully slick, lazy wax, boss gloss and after glow are only good on uncoated cars.


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      The man speaks truth.

      Sick of people banging on about coating toppers etc. Just maintain the damn car and the coating will do what itís designed to do.

      As for maintenance products, go with whatever is readily available from your local auto store. Autoglym, Bowdenís, Meguiars are all fine.