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chalky white film/residue on plastic trim?

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  • chalky white film/residue on plastic trim?

    Hi everyone.
    Can you help me understand what this residue could be and how to remove it? (theres a link with some pics on it.)
    i'm trying APC and also plain water...when it dries it's just chalky white still.
    What else can I be trying?


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    CanÂ’t see any picture of it but most likely white residue on your trim is from compound/polish or wax residue.

    Try to remove with isopropyl alcohol.
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      Thanks Joel - will try that...
      No wax or polish...think it's some reaction to an all purpose cleaner?...maybe?

      I gave a link to open images in google -
      This forum product wouldn't let me upload anything directly...telling me the file types weren't allowed, when they are in fact of the allowed types! So I gave a link to google pics instead.
      Will try to edit the original post too.


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        Could be a number of things, pictures are necessary.

        Possibilities include wax/polish residue, chemical stain (removes natural oils from the plastic and goes a lighter shade/white) or abrasion caused by a rotary buffer which has scuffed the surface texture.

        All of the above are a pain in the ass to remove, wax is the most common and easiest but needs a specialist product, APC/alcohol wonÂ’t cut it. Dried polish is almost impossible and the others are only recoverable by a permanent repair.


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          Thanks all,
          Appreciate the help.
          Fully understand pics are necessary - to help, here's the URL to view pics (also shared in the OP) :
          I have also used the same linking method as the OP and the link should appear at the bottom of this post.
          The forum won't/wouldn't allow me to upload pictures for some reason, (I tried all the file types the forum says are supported and just got the same message saying it wasn't a supported file type!)

          The car went into a body shop for some repairs. repairs completed wifey picked up the car. I noticed the white a few days later when I first had the opportunity to check out the car. Wife can't remember if it was like it on pickup.
          The shop denies doing anything to the interior that could cause it, or that they did anything to the interior at all. Probably little point pursuing that further.

          Anyway, bottom line, not sure what it is on there. Given feedback so far and whats been wouldn't appear to be polish.

          The most effective thing i've found so far is spraying water on to the dash/plastics in sections and wiping with magic eraser! (it's kinda like a sponge)
          It takes a number of 'goes' but does eventually reduce/fade the white and sometimes removes it.
          Water with a cloth just spreads the white
          Isopropyl alcohol doesn't touch it.
          Orange cleaner doesn't really touch it.

          I'm about to try some dishwasher detergent heavily diluted.

          Any other ideas?
          hopefully you can more easily access the pics now.


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            Well, i'm still not sure what it was that was put on there, but it would seem to be water does/did the trick.

            I'm gonna guess that some product was used that wasn't appropriate for interiors - the product needed to be washed off with water after application, but wasn't! dried on there and left the white
            Thorough cleaning off with water removed the product.

            I'm pretty pleased with how it's all come up. Alot of hard work !