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  • Re cheap polishing machines

    Hi all, Iím new here. I want to know if a Black and Decker 254 mm 120 watt polishing machines are any good? These machines can be bought at Supercheap.

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    No experience with the black and decker polisher but the rule is, if it spins, it polishes.

    The efficacy will come down to your pads, compound and technique.

    Donít skimp on pads or compound and Iím sure it will do the job youíre after.


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      This type of machine doesnít have pads it uses bonnets that ties on and the base plate is 254 mm round so very big. It comes with a very thin what they call a microfibre bonnet which isnít very this and a fake thin wool bonnet. I take it from the above reply that these bonnets are not much good? Any suggestions on a cheap must be cheap polishing machines? Thanks


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          Go for a Shinemate or Shinemaster polisher.

          Well priced, good warranty and more than enough for whatever you need to do.

          Team that up with quality pads and compounds with modern abrasives and youíre away.

          With the abrasives, read up on diminishing and non-diminishing, research brands and learn how to use them. This way youíll get the best experience out of it.

          Polishing is like making a good coffee (bean, climate, harvest, drying, roasting, grinding, temperature, humidity, weight, volume, tamp, pull time, milk silk), itís riddled with variables, everyone interprets and does it slightly differently but all attempting to achieve the same thing; perfection.

          Keep playing, learning, trying, and youíll get the right combo and technique to work well but at first it may or may not be difficult and dissatisfying.