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Should I buy a black car?

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  • Should I buy a black car?

    Hi all,
    Currently looking to upgrade my car. As of now, I have a silver one which I wash weekly. I do enjoy spending time polishing and waxing it every few months, however, with silver, there is no real satisfaction after all the work. It does look better, but this improvement is somewhat minor.
    I was thinking of getting a black car as my next one. I know they're higher maintenance but I would wash it weekly and wax it every few months or so. Personally, I just think that black cars look stunning.

    Also, I'm not a professional detailer, rather just an amateur that enjoys cleaning my car. So, the polishing and waxing I do is all by hand, not machine..

    However, I'd like to hear from people that own or have owned black cars in the past. What are your thoughts and did you guys regret getting a black car?

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    I used to have a black Porsche and whilst it did show all the dust terribly, when it was clean and polished it looked fabulous. The process was very rewarding, so we're on the same hymn sheet there. You just need to ensure that you get some really good protection on it before it leaves the showroom, I'd recommend Ceramic such as and tell the dealership to do nothing to it, not even wash it (just remove the protective packaging). Then adopt a safe wash programme and it'll be fine. And make a change from so many white cars....


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      I have had a Black Jeep Grand Cherokee for nearly 4 yrs and do not regret it for 1 minute. Dark colours show swirl marks more clearly in certain light conditions, but good washing technique will help to minimise them, use a pressure washer for pre soak foam, then pressure rinse followed by 2 bucket method hand wash.
      the biggest problem I have is the WA sunshine, I have to wash outside and then as quickly as possible get the vehicle into the carport for drying before the sun bakes water spots on to the paint.
      I do have a random orbital polisher but I rarely use it as I find that incorporating a good all in one polish/wax into the drying process keeps it looking very glossy and relatively swirl free.
      I wash and polish every week, a little bit of Autoglym ultra deep shine onto my waffle weave drying cloth followed by buffing with a plush microfibre and then using my leaf blower to get all the water out of the nooks and crannies.
      Dark colours are far more rewarding of effort put in, so get yourself a black car and ignore people who tell you they show the dirt more, a dirty car looks dirty whatever colour it is.


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        Thanks for that. I'd definitely be washing it every week and don't mind if it gets a little dirty. Do you find that your car gets very hot under the sun?


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          Yes, the black paint gets very hot quickly in the sun, thatís why water spots are a big problem, little bit of a good all in one whilst drying usually takes care of them.


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            I think you could do with one of these chaps:

            My brother has a black M2 but no water spots as he uses one of these (the smaller one I think)


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              I would highly recommend getting a 'ceramic' coating for a black car. I recently had opticoat pro+ applied on my new black vehicle and the difference in self cleaning ability is night and day.

              makes black a much less painful colour to maintain. Wish I had it done to my previous dark colored cars
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                Yes, you can get a black car if you can bear with the maintenance, wash and wax it regularly.


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                  Opticoat pro+ here too. highly recommended. DId it on a black audi q5 and a mazda cx-9. Can't believe the difference it has made!