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Level 2 Water Restrictions in Sydney

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  • Level 2 Water Restrictions in Sydney

    With Level 2 Water Restrictions coming to Sydney and surrounds on December 10, which prohibits the used of a PW to wash your car without a permit, how are all the weekend warriors here going to wash their car? Will you be content with a bucket + sponge or are you going to take your car to a commercial car wash?

    I find it nonsensical that the council will allow you to dump 20L buckets of water on your car, yet will not allow the use of a high pressure washer which are highly water efficient.

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    agreed it's nonsense! they say that because of the restrictions, more water has been used!
    anyhoo - i'm quite content with the ONR wash. Really helping keep the car clean without the fear of marring the clear coat.
    I did bring it to the DIY car wash to pre-rinse it with the jet gun - drove home 5 minutes and gave it t he ONR. happy.


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      as we now wateris our basic need and lack of water is increasing day by day. therefore australian govt restricted on the use of water it's really a great step to save the water standard deviation calculator