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Hand washing in Melbourne

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  • Hand washing in Melbourne

    Hi all, I am in Melbourne and only have street (kerbside) parking, no driveway and no grass area. How do people in a similar position hand wash their cars, including using snow foam etc when letting the suds etc run off in the gutter isn't really a great idea?? are there any commercial places where you can take your own car wash kit too and use their facilities? Sorry for the noob question.

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    Hey mate-
    i'm in Sydney and there are water restrictions (level 2) currently. Do a search for ONR. it's the rinseless wash, and that stuff has been heavily reviewed to death and back. So far, not a bad word has been said about it. I've been quite cautious and given it a go - quite pleased with the results (tho it's the 3rd time doing a ONR wash). I've recently come back from a holiday (a week) and because of the bushfire situation, plenty of ash / soot / debris in the air. Did not dare to actually use ONR without first pre rinsing the car. Drove to a DIY car wash spot and used their jet. drove back in under 5 minutes and did the ONR wash. Very happy I decided to rinse it down first.
    give that a go!


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      Hello everyone! I just want to know should I need to use Hand Sanitizers even after pulling door handle of car , home or any other.