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GMC ROS on sale at Bunnings $49.

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  • GMC ROS on sale at Bunnings $49.

    Bunnings in Centre Road Clayton selling out all GMC products. I would assume other Bunnings doing the same. BIG savings.

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    Yep, Bunnings in croydon is going the same. Got one as a spare for my rotary and just to try what can be done with a ROS. only ever used a rotary.



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      I just got one from Shellharbour bunnings for the same price today

      And i said i wasnt gunna spend this much on detailing, but MAH who cares!


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        is it GMC ROS 150 model ??
        Mazda 323 Astina


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          Originally posted by dymax
          is it GMC ROS 150 model ??
          sure is


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            Picked one up today after using my bosch pex400 really poorly (pad 'incompatability') build quality isnt as good but as long as the pads stick i'll be happy!.


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              Just been using mine and yup the pads stick


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                Just bought one today as well

                Quick Q: What other stuff do I need to attach the pads? So I just purchase velcro and then stick the pads on top?



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                  I went to bunnings at Ashfield and they didn't have it anymore

                  asked the guy, and they said that they not selling GMC anymore and all the GMC products they still have on shelf are awaiting pickup from GMC to take awayy

                  He recommended getting a Ryobi as that the brand that is taking over all the GMC products they selling.

                  If that the case, what type of Ryobi should I be looking at?
                  I was looking at specs from the GMC 150m and it has:
                  Input Power 500 W
                  No Load Speed 4000-11000 RPM
                  Dust Bag Yes
                  Paper Attachment Hook & Loop

                  Should I be looking at something similar?
                  The closest i found from the ryobi site is:
                  ERO750VK -
                  power - 750W
                  pad size - 150mm
                  no load speed - 4000-7000 rpm
                  orbital diameter - 3.5mm
                  weight - 3kg

                  Another one is (which is discontinued but i think i saw at bunnings):
                  ERO400VK -
                  power- 400W
                  pad size - 125mm
                  no load speed - 7000-12000 rpm
                  orbital diameter - 2.5mm
                  weight - 1.7kg

                  and then there a ERO420K..discontinued again
                  power - 420W
                  pad size - 125mm
                  no load speed - 4000-12000opm
                  orbital diameter - 2.5mm
                  weight - 2.4kg

                  so yea... HELPP!!!! I dunno which i'm meant to be looking at... ie, speed, power, pad size, etcetc...

                  Thanks guys!!
                  Name: Edmond
                  Car: Blue evo9


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                    Hi Edi-no-son,

                    Which one did you get?

                    I'm looking for a RO too.



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