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  • Detail course in Melbourne

    Hi All,
    For those that may be interested l come across a tafe collage that l drive pass everyday,its called Automotive Centre of Excellence. l called them, if they do a detailing course.
    The course will cover
    *engine bay detailing
    *cut and polish
    *cleaning wheels and tyres also, asked about paint depth gauge, they can do as well
    lt is a 10 week course and held on one night per week for two hours.
    The cost is approx $350 and at the end of the course each student will receive a certficate of practice.
    If you are interested please register your interest with Debra on Ph.909 36017 as soon as possible as at least 12-15 students are needed to schedule the course
    Hope to see you there
    Cheers Mark :idea:

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