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Your favourite detailing products

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  • Your favourite detailing products

    Hey guys, I was curious as to what everyone's favourite products where. As in, if you could only use one product in each 'category' (say waxes/sealants, decontamination, wash, microfibres etc.) what would that ONE product be?
    I'm interested to see if there are recurring trends and whether or not there is a general consensus as to which is the best product in each category. Obviously personal preference plays a large part but I'm still curious to hear what the experienced detailers are using.
    I'm nowhere near experienced enough to really be of much help in this thread but I've found I really like the Autoglym interior vinyl/rubber protectant after using armorall for years (I know ...).
    "MLITE" - 2015 BMW M135i in Valencia Orange

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    Wash Shampoo - Optimum Car Wash, DP Xtreme Foam - Both great for foaming
    Wash Mitt - Meguiars Lambswool, Aquatouch Microfibre Mitt
    Degreaser - Trade
    All Purpose Cleaner - Trade
    Shampoo Machine Concentrate - Trade
    Window Cleaner - Trade
    Wax - Victoria Wax, DP Max Wax, Prima Banana Gloss
    Spray Wax - Optimum Car Wax
    Sealant - Zaino Z2, Optimum Opti-Seal
    Coating - Opti-Coat
    Glaze - Amigo
    QD/Waterless - Optimum Opti-Clean, Prima Slick
    AIO - Finishkare 215 AIO
    Polish - Optimum, Menzerna
    Decontamination - ZAS Clay Bar
    Microfibre / Drying Towels - ZAS
    Leather - Prima Nourish & Optimum Protectant Plus
    Trims - Prima Nero
    Metal Polish - Purple Metal Polish

    Did i miss anything? :lol:


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      Wow awesome reply mate, that's exactly what I envisioned when I started the thread. Thanks!

      EDIT: When you say 'trade', do you mean you use trade only products that come in large quantities?
      "MLITE" - 2015 BMW M135i in Valencia Orange


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        At present these are my favourites. Glaze, Wax/Sealant categories based on application to Red vehicle

        Microfibre - Aquatouch
        Wash - Lusso auto bathe
        Wash Mitt/Sponge - Aquatouch mitt, Zymol Sponge
        Decontamination - IronX
        Clay - Clay magic
        Polish - Menz, Megs
        Glaze - Clearkote
        Wax - Naviwax Dark
        Sealant - Duragloss 111
        Tyre Shine - Poorboys BnB gel
        Dressing - Perl
        Glass - Stoner Invisible
        QD - FK 425


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          Lol @ can of worms!

          Microfibre - still looking!
          Wash - I keep on going back to Meg's soft wash gel, and CT18 lol!
          Wash Mitt/Sponge - Meg's microfiber wash pad
          All Purpose Cleaner - Simple Green
          Decontamination - IronX
          Clay - Clay magic, but it cost way too much. Got some ZAS clay to try, so far so good.
          Polish - Menzerna 203S, 106FA, 85RD
          Glaze - Prima Amigo, Meg's #7, P21S Gloss Enhancing Paintwork Cleanser.
          Wax - Victoria Wax Concours, P21S Concours
          Spray Wax - Optimum Car Wax
          Sealant - Menzerna Powerlock, Optimum Opti-Seal
          Coating - C.Quartz
          Tyre Shine - Meg's endurance for wet look, Zaino Z16 for matt look
          Dressing - 303 Aerospace Protectant
          Glass - IPA
          QD - Optimum Instant Detailer, Victoria Wax Quick Detail Spray, Meg's #34
          Leather - Optimum Leather Protectant


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            Wash Shampoo - CG Citrus Wash- Megs softwash
            Wash Mitt - Tilers Turtle Sponge
            Degreaser - CG Orange Degreaser
            All Purpose Cleaner - Megs All purpose
            Window Cleaner - Megs Detailer or Autoglym Fast Glass
            Wax - DP Max Wax, Collinite 476
            Spray Wax - Dura Gloss Aqua Wax
            Sealant - Zaino Z2, Dura Gloss 105
            Glaze - CG Eze Creme, Por boys Black Hole
            Polish - Menzerna, Insta Finish
            Clay bars - Concourse - Bilthamber.
            Microfibre / Drying Towels - ZAS, CG
            Ext Trims - CG Clear Gel
            Interior - 303
            Tyres CG Clear Gel, PB B&B
            Metal Polish - Autosol


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              Originally posted by IBTROLLIN
              EDIT: When you say 'trade', do you mean you use trade only products that come in large quantities?
              Spot on, 20L drums of concentrate which make up around 120litres. Usually go through that much degreaser in one month, so a 500ml trigger of Degreaser or APC wouldnt get us very far and 1 bottle cost half the price of the 20L concentrate alone which is exactly the same. :lol:


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                Geez you certainly go through a lot of product! I suppose on the upside that means business is good
                "MLITE" - 2015 BMW M135i in Valencia Orange


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                  There's only some categories of products where I'm certain I have a favourite. In most areas I'm still experimenting, even though I'm a big product whore.

                  For wax, Zymol Concours. This has all the properties of a great wax and the pot is a work of art. P21s 100% gets an honourable mention.

                  For pre-wax cleanser, it has to be Zymol HD cleanse for the sheer wetness it leaves behind and the ease of use by hand. Compliments the Zymol Concours perfectly.

                  For Shampoo I like Meguiars Gold Class because it does the job, and smells great. I tried a lot of shampoos an came back to this one.


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                    It's interesting. Zymol is a product that is billed as being 'prestige' and 'the upper class' product yet I'm yet to see anyone (other than you of course mate) who rates it as a decent product. Surely, however, it wouldn't have earned the name it has unless it was decent stuff? If it IS that decent, why do so few people here use it? Is it the price?
                    "MLITE" - 2015 BMW M135i in Valencia Orange


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                      Zymol is definitely decent stuff. Price is part of the reason its not getting mentioned by everyone as you can get plenty of products that rival Zymol for a lot less money. Also Zymol isn't as acessible in Aus as a lot other brands which are being mentioned.

                      Using waxes as an example if I'd tried Zymol Vintage it most likely would be listed as my favourite wax, but the law of dimishing returns applies here, I've just tried Glasur and it's a very nice wax as are many in this price range, when products for 5-10% of the price do close to the same job as an LSP it's hard to justify spending that much. Something like 95% of the overall result and 'look' come from prepping and polishing paint correctly anyway.


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                        my 11 cents

                        Wash Shampoo - Lusso Oro Auto Bathe
                        Heavy Duty wash - P21S Taw + Optimum Car Wash 1:2
                        Wheel Washing - P21S Wheel Gel with Eimann Fabrik 3" Woolie
                        Wax - Naviwax Dark, Vic Red and Lusso Oro in that order
                        Sealant - Menzerna Powerlock
                        Glaze - Clearkote RMG + VMG mixed 1:1
                        QD - Prima Slick
                        Microfibre - Pakshak Ultra Plush
                        Leather - Leatherique Prestine clean
                        Plastic - 1Z Cockpit
                        Wheel sealing - Amigo + BF metal sealant


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                          Originally posted by IBTROLLIN
                          It's interesting. Zymol is a product that is billed as being 'prestige' and 'the upper class' product yet I'm yet to see anyone (other than you of course mate) who rates it as a decent product. Surely, however, it wouldn't have earned the name it has unless it was decent stuff? If it IS that decent, why do so few people here use it? Is it the price?
                          People can only list products they have used. Zymol is not widely used in Australia because the local suppliers have always been hopeless, but I have a feeling more and more people will start to import it.

                          Thats why I noted I am still deciding in a lot of categories. For example, how can I list a legitimate favourite sealant when I have not used Zaino, Wolfgang and Duragloss? I'd be misleading you if I said Meguiars M21, which currently is my favourite out of some very ordinary sealants I've tried like Chem Guys Jetseal.

                          Glasur and Concours represent great value. Looks are top drawer, beading and sheeting is excellent, dirt repellency is excellent, durability is good, they load on the applicator easily, they spread easily and buff off easily. Basically, all the boxes get ticked. You might get waxes that match it in most areas but miss out on one or two areas. Some people say they don't like Zymol's gassing, but I have not experienced this. Maybe I'm lucky.

                          Sometimes people come out screaming something like "my Ultragloss Superwet Wax cost me $29 and looks as good as Zymol Concours". Yeah maybe, but perhaps it does not repel dirt as well, or the texture is not as nice, or the can it comes in is garbage, or the applicator needs to be spritzed with QD to allow the wax to spread.

                          And in praising Zymol, let me say I am not basing my opinion on price. Swissvax is equally pricey, but their waxes and cleanser are far down my list of favourites these days.


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                            Again some very well written replies guys. Another noob questions though, what is 'gassing'?
                            "MLITE" - 2015 BMW M135i in Valencia Orange


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                              Gassing occurs after the initial buff off of the wax, solvents still in the wax cause it to haze slightly again, needing a secondary buff 2-3hrs later.