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  • post your detailing suppplies

    thought id start a thread on this...

    so post your pics of your detailing supplies....

    i cant wait to see a full blown shot of mad_ix's arsenal

    anyway here is my small range

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    You sure have built up a nice collection, Tomee. Might eventually rival your collection of fruit boxes.


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      Originally posted by Mad_iX
      You sure have built up a nice collection, Tomee. Might eventually rival your collection of fruit boxes.
      :lol: I was thinking the same thing HAHA That's pretty funny


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        hehe, hey you gotta store your paperwork somewhere

        now get on with the pics!
        currently on car:


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          I have collected this over about 5 months... I have used up a fair bit of my collection, but I am going to buy stuff to fill in the missing pieces...

          Main shelf:


          Crap, besides the Spray and Wipe:

          Machinery, Hitachi Rotary w/ Edge 2K pads, Porter Cable DA w/ Edge 2k pads:


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            I'm slightly more organised than most. Has to be the best ultra compact cleaning kit ever!! I put all my big bottles into smaller 100ml spray/squirt bottles to save space. In there i have...

            Polishes and SSR's
            Poorboys SSR3
            Poorboys SSR2.5
            Poorboys SSR1
            Poorboys Polish Blue
            Poorboys Spray n Gloss
            Poorbays EX

            Poorboys Natty Wax
            Swissol Onyx Wax
            Meguiars NXT
            Two foam applicators

            GMC buffer
            25metre extension cord.
            Edge, green and blue buffing pads.

            Washing & Drying
            Baby Shampoo
            Polyglaze Extreme Wash.
            Dawn Dishwashing liquid
            Two ultra plush microfibres
            Two general microfibres
            One big green drying towel.

            Other stuff
            3M claybar
            Claybar Lubricant
            Vinyl treatment spray
            4 pieces of 4000 grit sand paper.
            Tyre Black


            Pretty neat setup i have. Only thing im missing is the bucket and sponge. Most people have these so no need to include this


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              Heres my tools of the trade


              and here it is again all packed up ready to go mobile


              the closed tool box has colths and applicator pads in it


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                Promitch, did I spy shower power in the first shot? :?


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                  I thought it looked a little like "grease monkey" from the same co.

                  "SHOCK" it actually works

                  Driven By Shine


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                    its actually carpet power and it works really really well


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                      Originally posted by Promitch
                      its actually carpet power and it works really really well
                      Keep talking: Any residue or harsh odours? I have never used it before & need some good stuff for "homework".


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                        My mum always steals my Wolfgang carpet cleaner & spot removers & my Megs brush for the carpet at home,
                        she has used my Xenit for bubble gum stuck to some pants & a couch too.

                        She has also taken a liking to my Z9,Z10, AIO & Bowdens Metal Polish for other stuff around the house,
                        she reckons all of them are much better then the stuff you can buy that's made for around the house
                        but I haven't told her how much it all costs me tho :roll:

                        PS Back on topic I will get the camera out soon to get a pic of my collection I'll finally have something to use it all on very soon.


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                          One of the best detailer in australia didn't get a mention.

                          Rick has more trophies than anyone else, so dont just go by my opinion but the opinion of the judges at Summernats, Autosalon and AME show.

                 is the addy.

                          His work is the same high quality as Damien from final inspection, but in sydney.

                          So it'd be a waist of petrol to come all the way to melbourne when someone just as skilled is located in your own backyard :wink:


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                            Originally posted by Maz
                            been to that site, emailed twice about purchasing, never repsonded to any of them... that already lost my business right there.
                            currently on car:


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                              Bown- sorry about the later reply, i havnt had any residue and it leaves a lavender fragrence inthe car. I only clean my matts and carpets in full sun shine so they can dry in the sun afterwards so that no moisture is left behind. Im sure that there are better products out there designed for auto interiors but i find carpet power to work just aswell and doesnt cost as much and im not doing it often so its all good with me

                              The fragrance is strong to get rid of any odurs but its lavender and soon blends in with everything.