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  • Educating the Customer

    I've been running my business now for 5 months and it doesn't surprise me how little most customers know about the condition of their vehicles' paint work.

    I'm quoting on cars and trucks being told prior to an inspection that the paint is in really good condition and they use all the right methods to wash etc. but upon arrival and inspection point out to them how bad the paint actually is. Swirls, scratches, water marks etc.

    I love being able to point out these defects and then educate them in the correct methods of foam pre-wash, 2 bucket wash method, drying etc. so they can minimize the damage to their freshly corrected and coated/sealed paintwork.

    Detailing is challenging and I love it.



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    Totally agree Scruba... they reckon we (OCD freaks) only account for 2-3% of the total car care market! - That means educating, cringing, crying, head-butting is pretty much what we're up for 24/7.
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      I think customers accept to ignore swirl marks like they are part of the car, 80% of the battle is getting the booking for the price you need and answering the all so popular question "but why can the carwash down the road do a full detail with buff for $150"
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