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Colliodal cleaning chemicals

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  • Colliodal cleaning chemicals

    What are people's thoughts on colloidal cleaning chemicals such as Eco2000 zi400 that is used extensively in the aviation and aerospace industries?

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    Looks like good shit, probably expensive as fuck though. I imagine it has to go through all sorts of testing to ensure it doesn't cause any sort of detrimental effects to the extremely large number of materials used on airplanes.


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      I have drank colloidal silver by the liter per day. It's great stuff and I did not turn blue or grey either. It will also work for what you have in mind. In fact it is being used in sweat shirts socks and shoes. If you take a sort of slimy dishcloth and rinse it in colloidal silver it will very fast be non slippery and free of bacteria.


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        II think with a colloidal cleaner, these really small particles that wander around in the water that you have mixed it in with and eventually they collide with the dirt or so