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  • Detailing a plane!

    Hi all,

    It's been a long time since I posted however during that time I've set up my own detailing business which is going from strength to strength.

    This is probably a strange question - has anyone ever detailed a plane?

    I've been asked to detail a plane and will be getting this done in the next couple of weeks. I just wanted to ensure that there wasn't some kind of odd paint system used on planes and to check if there was anything in particular that I should be aware of or wary of.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Aircraft paints generally fall into 2 types, your Polyurethane (2 pack) type paint and the older nitrocellulose lacquer. Generally the only polishing is done on Aircraft with bare skins Just remember that you may be dealing with dome head rivets, and some of the skins may only be 0.020" thick and may oil can. I have been in aviation for 35+ years, and I am not sure I would give it a go



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      Donít forget you technically also require a CASA license to work on aircraft.
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        Does insurance cover damage to the plane? Avionics and aluminium parts are EXPENSIVE to replace.


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          I've looked into working on planes before - you're allowed to work on them without any CASA certification, as long as you have someone qualified looking over your shoulder.
          As far as insurance - if you've told your insurer you're an automotive detailer, then go and make a claim for damaging a plane, there's every chance you won't be covered.

          The one plane detail I've been involved in (hust giving advice over the phone for a family owned Cessna), was large areas of oxidised aluminium, and hours of cleaning individual rivets with a drill mounted nylon brush before getting to any polishing

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            Thanks for the responses everyone. I should have been clearer in the initial post - I was in a rush when I posted it. The customer just wants it polished, so there will be no correction involved, just a bit of oxidation reduction/removal.

            How does vehicle wax go on the painted aircraft surfaces? I assume it should behave the same way however is unlikely to last very long.


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              The bro from Ammo did a vid about plane restoration, unsure how specifically helpful it will be but it's a great insight:


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                Is it useful?


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                  Donít forget you technically also require a CASA license to work on aircraft.


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                    Plane detailing isn’t just about dirt buildup and keeping things clean.