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Where do peeps get their touch up kits from

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  • Where do peeps get their touch up kits from

    Have had various success with getting paint mixed by autobarn and SCA some ok some average

    Is there anywhere else online people reccomend? There seems to be a myriad of suppliers both overseas and locally and also fleabay looking for a kit that comes with primer colour and clear

    Has anyone used

    Given the propensity of the wife's car to be a trolley magnet I think I might need some this is the 2nd time in less than 3 years..

    At Phil where do you get yours from?

    Given the Passat is white might practice on that first before attempting a metallic

    Are you able to get a half decent finish on a small area with a spray can or you need a gun? It doesn't have to be absolutely perfect just lot less noticeable

    Yeah I'm a Volvo driver.

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    I found that nothing beats original from the dealer TBH. I know that Ford doesn't produce touch up paint but BMW in specific is spot on via the dealer
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      G'day mate.

      No don't ever go to autobarn to get paint touch up supplies. And getting it done by the dealership is even worse. Because once they are done all you will see is big blop of paint spots. I have been doing paint touch's up for years. Where people go wrong about paint touch ups is the brush itself. You will want to use a plastic tool where you can evenly spread the paint into the chip. With a brush you can never evenly fill in the chip.

      Youre best bet is to go and get the color code from your car. Call up Dr.Color Chip tell them the code and they will send you a kit with the exact matching paint color. The kit is really simple and you will find nothing but amazing results. They usually cost about $100 a kit.


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        I got 2 kits from , paint match was good. Similar kit to Dr.colorchip and a bit cheaper.


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          This looks to be a very good method to apply touch up paint.