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Wheel weight adhesive removal

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  • Wheel weight adhesive removal

    Hey guys,

    Recently got some new rubber and the adhesive pads that held on the original weights is pretty insanely stuck on there. Anyone know of anything that get it off without damaging the wheels?

    I was thinking of giving this a try but buggered if i know where to get a piece of PTFE from:

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    I've been thinking the same with my wheels. I'm going to clay mine and use an old MF cutting pad on my DA to shine them up but, as you've said, there's the issue of old wheel weight adhesive.

    Maybe a plastic plaster spatula might get into it without scratching the underlying paint work too much? Metho perhaps? Question for the big boys on here, I reckon.

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      plastic razor blade and after good soak with tar remover might budge it
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        A soak with Goof Off and a little loving from a plastic razor blade should shift it. Might take a few applications if there's a lot.
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          Thanks for all the replies

          I'll give what i have around the house a go, but what ever VW and Audi use is apparently the stickiest stuff on the planet. I have some bowdens things, bug and tar remover and stuff like that. I wonder if using something like contact cleaner or brake cleaner and then freezing it might do something....

          Luckily i work where theres some scientists around and i may be able to order a rod of PFTE through work, and get it machined down into something like in that video. I'll give that a go, hopefully my boss will approve the purchase :P


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            De Solv It. from Bunnings


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              Bunnings wax and grease remover or naptha, cheapest option and removes almost any rubberised adhesive

              Good old eucalyptus oil works as well!

              Don't forget to reseal & rewax the inside of your rim afterwards.. if you're that OCD!


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                Yesterday I removed two awful large yellow wheel weight stickers from my 30 year old painted rims. Used WD40, let it soak a minute and gently pushed off with a wood spatula. Took a few coats and scrapes, worked well, great result.


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                  You probably have it sorted by now, but for others haveing the same issue in the future...

                  Hit it with some will turn the glue back into a liquid breaking the physical bond. you should be able to push it off with a platic blade like mentioned above, then wipe any remaining glue residue off with metho.

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                    For a plastic scrapper, try a cooking shop for one of these plastic scrapers. Some are nice and thin and good for getting all sorts of stickers off.



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                      Originally posted by 01ryno View Post
                      For a plastic scrapper, try a cooking shop for one of these plastic scrapers. Some are nice and thin and good for getting all sorts of stickers off.

                      They look nice, cheers. Cheap too!