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Washed MF's Scratching

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  • Washed MF's Scratching

    Hey all,

    Was wondering if anyone had issues with Costcos Kenco MF towels scratching paint after being washed? When i was them i use a MF Wash and wash on the 30 degree wash, should i be doing it on a cold wash? As i was recently working on a car and found they were inducing marring to the paint, changed to fresh towels no issues.


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    The Costco towels do get stiffer after being washed. 30 degree wash is fine but you should add some white vinegar into the rinse cycle as it should act as a fabric softener.
    I would suggest you invest in some higher quality towels for paint or just resort to only using the fresh ones and then use them for general cleaning.

    The only time I use a washed Costco towel on paint is when I know I will be polishing.