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Weird swirl issue - possible issue with Wetcoat?

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  • Weird swirl issue - possible issue with Wetcoat?

    Hi everyone, I decided to give my car a polish before applying CanCoat(haven't used it before but wanted to try it) and i've run in to a weird issue. Some of my car was repainted a few years ago, and the clear coat on those areas is fairly soft and very very easy to mark. I applied Gyeon Wetcoat to the car about a month ago(also as a test).

    When polishing areas that haven't been repainted(eg the roof) there's no issues, it comes up very well. When I try to polish any area that's been re-painted i'm getting a huge amount of swirls, which hasn't happened before. I've tried the following on an LHR21 Mk2:

    Rupes yellow pad, pre used but clean with yellow polish
    Rupes yellow pad, brand new with yellow polish

    Rupes white pad with white polish
    Rupes white pad with no polish(only water)

    The car was foamed then very gently washed down with a good MF wash mitt, dried with a lubed drying towel. Surfaces were sprayed with Gyeon Prep then with IPA(from a 10% through to 50% mix), i've tried varying the polish from 1:1 down to 10:1 water/polish mixture, then even tried using just misted water on the White pad. It doesn't seem to matter what I do, I end up with absolutely crazy swirls through those sections.

    Is this possibly some weird reaction thing of Wetcoat contaminating the pad(keep in mind i used 5 different pads - they all had the same problem)? Is there a step i'm missing to 'properly' remove something like Wetcoat? Could it be some weird reaction the clear on those sections is having? Any advice/suggestions greatly appreciated.

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    Well I always start by washing the car with a pretty aggressive wash such as CT18 truck wash. That will strip just about anything from the paint such as WetCoat. Not sure what you mean by a lubed drying towel, but if I am polishing the car, I don't apply any products after the wash.

    There's a few things that come to mind about your problem:

    1. If the paint is really soft, then you need the finest polish and pad to clean the panel up completely. Honda NightHawk Black is a bit like this. I'm not sure any of those Rupes pads are soft enough, but I haven't tried them. I would only use the black Lake Country polishing pad or equivalent and a super fine polish like HD Polish or Scholl S30. If I use anything more coarse to remove deep scratches, it still leaves light micro-marring behind. You need the finest combination to fix this. Normally these swirls (or micro-marring) will be very small in diameter.

    2. It's possible that you're re-introducing swirls when you're wiping the panel down after a polishing pass. How good is your microfibre? Is it clean? Are you using a new one? Has it ever been dropped on the ground? Cheap or dirty microfibre towels may be harsh and cause scratching during wipedown, undoing your hard work. Also, how hard is the polish to remove? Sometimes I mist my panel with water to help wipe down a polish without needed to rub it hard, although usually not for finishing polishes, mostly for cutting compounds. Try removing the polish in one direction only, and see if any swirls follow the direction that you're removing the polish.

    3. It's possible that the swirls are actually really deep and you're not removing them with your polishing pass. This was the case on my brother's G6E Turbo and I ended up wet-sanding it. Someone had really scratched the paint deep. If you're 100% sure that the car has been washed well, stripped of anything on the paint, that your polish and pad combo is good and you're not doing the damage wiping it down with a dirty or cheap microfibre, then I'd say the damage must still be pre-existing in the paint and isn't getting corrected.

    Hope that helps.
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      Sorry I should've clarified, I'd already polished a couple of areas a few days previous, so i used some spraywax with the drying towel to try to prevent introducing any new marks on the polished-but-unsealed areas. I dont usually do it when i'm going to wash, just wanted to try to preserve those areas CT18 sounds like a plan tho, i'll get some during the week.

      1. the Rupes white pads/polish are very soft but i'm happy to give something else a try.
      2. I wondered about that but I don't believe that's occuring. I'm using high quality mf cloths(gyeon polishwipe). Cleaned using proper MF washing liquid in tepid water(never hot), then put in the dryer on air only(no heat) to slowly dry and remove any lint, kept in sealed plastic bags in a sealed plastic tub. Never been dropped on the ground - anything that touches the ground does not touch a car again The panels wiped-down quite easily and I tried wiping only vertically but the swirls still apeared the same regardless
      3. yeah I was wondering about that. It's strange in that I don't recall these swirls being there previously, nor being introduced like this previously. I have also learnt a shedload more in the past 6 months, so it's also possible my perception of them being there has changed - but I don't think that is the case, or at least not to this extent. I might drag out a Megs mf cutting pad and go over a section, see what it does.


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        Be careful of downward pressure with soft paints, soft pads may collapse causing the pores to block and then residue can't be moved away from the polishing surface.

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          Originally posted by Trewarin View Post
          Be careful of downward pressure with soft paints, soft pads may collapse causing the pores to block and then residue can't be moved away from the polishing surface.
          Thanks I have tried to be very mindful of the amount of pressure(basically the least amount possible while still keeping the pad surface against the clear and under control), and the amount of product being used too


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            I have similar issues with a black car i do sometimes, seems to be each time my MF towels touch the paint they put extremely light marring on the car, the weirder thing for my situation is these marks dont show under my halogen or my hella nova, its not till it gets direct sun and u move around the car to certain angles. Does my head in to say the least.