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Do all waxs retain dust?

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  • Do all waxs retain dust?

    Hi all,

    I havent tried alot of waxes, and before joining this forum i never used to use wax at all.

    ever since i started using it seems as though after a few days of driving, dust is like a magnet to the car way more then if i were not to use wax at all, and it just stays on the car....

    im using angel wax QED. Will all waxes give me the same problem? Im considering soft99.
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    Can anyone shed some light on this?


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      I've been using QED consistently for a while now and I have noticed a lot more dust in the past week or two. I think it's due to no rain and lots of wind causing dusty conditions recently. You can try something different but make sure you note the weather conditions as you change things up because my money is on the weather, not the product.

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        My opinion is that wax loves dust.
        I have a white MUX and waked it from new. Found a lot of black sooty residue which at first I thought was related to the diesel fumes.
        Anyway my finding was that the less I waxed the less black dust. Tried the wax on my FG also white and noticed that there was significant dust build up after.
        I have recently changed over the Isuzu to Fusso soft 99 and will see if there is a significant change in the amount of dusting clinging to the paintwork.
        I will continue with the wax on the FG as I love waxing every time I wash it. It also provides a benchmark comparison.


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          I found it very weather/environmental dependent.

          On still days it retains a little dust on a fresh wax but it was especially bad with construction and wind 2 houses down, nothing a rinse and light wipe/pad dry cant fix!


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            We have a black car and within 30mins of a fresh wax job it looks very dusty because of the dust that it attracts. The reason for this is that the act of wiping off the wax residue from the paint causes a positive charge to the paint surfaces. Dust is negatively charge and will be attracted to positively charge surfaces.

            Some waxes attracts more dust then other waxes is because you have to wipe it more to remove the residue which increases the surface electrical charge. You will notice this when wiping off the wax on a really dry day that the microfibre towel will make a static noise when removing wax.

            I found using a wipe on walk away sealant works best as you don't need to do touch the paint after applying the sealant. Only sometimes you need to flatten the high spots of the sealant. I use Optimum Optiseal as its economical and last for about 6-9 months.
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