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stop clearcoat fade coming back?

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  • stop clearcoat fade coming back?

    howdy forum newbie posting but have been doing polishing for a few years

    i have a 2002 ba falcon which has suffered from clear coat fail , not to the point of peeling , but the paint on the bonnet has some white patches of the clear coat going white and oxidized

    once i cut it back using a heavy cut , it looks stunning but doesnt last long!

    so ive tried a few things already , some last longer then others , tried a few brands of ceramic coatings (mr nano here in perth wa , and just recently cquartz ) and they last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks
    so far carpro reload has lasted the longest at around 4 weeks before the white fade shows up again

    so my question is , is there anything else on the market to stop this fade coming back for longer then 4 weeks ? or am i doomed and have to polish/cut it back every few weeks and eventually get it resprayed?

    any suggestions would be greatful

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    hate to say it, but your mention of the word "doomed" may be accurate. Have only had this happen to me once because of a not so good respray, it just kept getting worse.
    When is the next track day?


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      light wet sand and clear coat as soon as you can