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Addressing Issues with Colli 845

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  • Addressing Issues with Colli 845

    I polished my new Mazdarati (Abarth 124 Spider) late in January. Used Scholl S20 Black with the Spider pads. Ummmmm I think I finally discovered what the term “sticky” paint meant as it turned out a PITA to wipe off. I was paranoid about the quality of the Mazda paint so liked the idea of a single stepper and did not want to change midstream to another polish / system. TBH I was happy with the results finally, but man, it was hard going. The plan was to coat with some Opti-gloss soon after as well as getting the front bumper wrapped with PPF.

    However, that WAS the plan ……… during cleaning off the polish I found two blotches of severe orange peel (cleverly hiding in the expressed bumper trim that surrounded the indicators). Oh no… warranty claim with a FCA dealer. So after about 8 weeks of toing and froing finally it got fixed, but it meant I could not protect it immediately. I had a road trip planned (about 2,500 kms, mostly in country Victoria) and at the last moment thought I thought it a good idea to have at least something to give some protection. So, on the eve of leaving I gave her a (very rushed) wash and coating of Colli 845 Insulator wax as I had some in my detailing “archives”.

    Seemed to have done its job as the accumulated road grime and dust just was blasted off with the Gernie when I returned to Sydney. However, I did noticed that there are some patches where the buffing off was less than perfect and there are streaky sections of wax build up. My question is – what method do you recommend to remove such patches, keeping in mind the thin and soft nature of the paint. My current thoughts are using a plush MF and;
    • A wax based QD, or
    • My go-to QD, Optimum Gloss Enhancer
    • Optimum Aquawax (I have a car show very soon and I was going to use this anyway for a last minute top-up)

    Your thoughts ??

    Oh also…… I do need to get that wax off before I finally get around to applying the OptiGloss. I am planning using a mix of CT-18 and APC. Any comments / thoughts ??


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    APC is exactly what I was thinking. This should easily break down the wax for you
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