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Six year old Toyota 86 shed find require assistance to clean and detail.

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  • Six year old Toyota 86 shed find require assistance to clean and detail.

    Hi guys, from a newbie attempting to get the right advice on detailing a very low km Toyota 86 found stored in a shed for six years.
    It seems for some reason to have only been driven locally to the shops and spent its life dusty and dirty and unwashed.
    Basically neglected.
    It was driven home and a basic wash brought up the real paint surface and we can see micro scratches and on the bonnet two swirl scratches in the clear but nothing too deep.
    Then last week we had a cold front and it was outside and when we came home it was covered in dried out brown rain drop marks from dust storm so used bucket water and clean sponge but as you know wiping wet just allows any grit to scratch without you realising it.
    So where to start and what to use?
    Mothers products and an orbital device and care.
    Its the wrx deep navy indigo blue metallic.
    clear seems ok but have been warned if not done correctly we will get grief.
    paint on these is thin maybe two pack base coat under clear.
    we have been warned to do it correctly.
    so all ears over to you?

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    Yo mate, activity is pretty light on here so I donít like your chances of getting much advice.

    As for your particular task, I canít comment without seeing and testing he paint but youíre right in that care, patience and elbow grease will be needed to pump it up.

    Are you wanting to just give it shine or bring it to itís best possible condition?

    There are a million routes you can take but if youíre able to make mistakes on this car then use it as an opportunity to learn. Pick up a cheap rotary or DA polisher and have at it.

    Where are you located?


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      Located Hamilton VIC need to get all the cat and chicken blemishes out of it so that in sunlight you don't see scuff. its a keeper and prob lowest 86 k for age in OZ. don't seem to be able to upload jpg file


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        Nice champ, theyíre a great car.

        If you were closer to Melbourne Iíd offer to lend a hand.