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Can car wash products 'go off'?

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  • Can car wash products 'go off'?

    Hi everyone

    Does anyone have any experience with car wash products that have been sitting around for some time. I've been living overseas for the last 4 years and stored lots of Zaino car wash products at my parent's place.

    Would love any thoughts about whether these products are still good to use (basically Z2, Z5, Z7, Z8 as well leather cleaners Z9 and Z10). Also wondering if this might be a logical time to try Optimum products, but finishing off my existing Zaino stash might help tide me over.

    Really appreciate any thoughts/insights.

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    Yes they can but it depends on the chemicals. Eg mostly water based car washers are fine after 5 years but i wouldn't use an open bottle of a coating or silica spray after 2 years. Car waxes are good as well, sealants are a mixed bag. Anything in a aluminium can bottle is also good. Try it out.


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