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Very minor peeling/flaking paint on edge of panel

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  • Very minor peeling/flaking paint on edge of panel

    Hi all,

    I have very minor peeling/flaking at the edge of a panel (where it meets the headlight). The photo makes it look a lot worse than it is as it is zoomed right in, it is extremely minor.

    My main goal is to prevent further peeling.

    What is the best method to take here? Touch up paint in a colour? Clear touch up paint? Any sanding first to remove the loose flakes?

    Image upload won't let me upload a jpg for some strange reason, so here is a link to the image:

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    What sort of car is it? Year? Ever been repainted?

    Looks more like shrinkage of a vinyl wrap than a paint issue but considering it is paint, and you’re worried about it, a touch up guy would be best to employ.

    If you’re going the super cheap route, I would gently wet sand the rough bits, mask, colour and clear. There are plenty of good videos out there you can follow, Chrisfix makes it look easy.


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      I would also say that its a respray failure.

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