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How to check Car history?

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  • How to check Car history?

    Hey Friends.I am going to buy new Car soon but i have few questions in my mind which i most probably ask to any car dealer
    Do You Have a Car That Fits My Needs? ...
    Does It Come with Four-Wheel Drive? ...
    How Long Is the Warranty? ...
    What Does the Warranty Cover? ...
    What Are Some Common Repairs? ...
    Are There Additional Fees? ...
    What Is the Gas Mileage? ..
    I was looking for such a resource from where i can get the details about any Car.
    Is there any one who can help me in this regard?

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    Depending on the car most have reviews on YouTube that will answer your questions, also you can google any problems just by putting it in the search such as " problems with VF Commodore " and any problem will more than likely been the subject of some forum..
    Do lots of homework on the car that will suite YOU, Don't ask a salesman if they have a car that will suite you as i personally know of two instances of people buying a car recommended by the sales staff and it was the wrong car for them . Once it's sitting in your driveway it's to late..
    You need to do the homework and you need to go in with your poker face on , remember salesman are there to sell cars not be your friends.
    good luck with the car hunting.