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Pin holes in clear coat

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  • Pin holes in clear coat


    Was wondering if anyone can identify what's going on with the paint on my Skoda.

    Just bought the car second hand a few weeks ago and have finally got time this weekend to do a proper detail and machine polish. Was going to follow with Gyeon can coat.

    So far I've done a wash with apc, clay bar, and was going to do a machine polish with Lake Country medium pad and Menzerna 2400. I did a test section on the bonnet tonight - just a single pass and I noticed these tiny pinholes in the paint (see photos). Is this solvent pop? If so, anything I can do to improve it? Or, anything I should avoid doing to make it worse? Should I just avoid using anything heavier than a finishing pad?

    I'm pretty sure the paint is factory original. I checked the car with a paint depth gauge and all panels are pretty consistent in thickness.


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